Xuni CollectionView

A powerful, flexible data binding component for iOS, Android, and Xamarin

Get a powerful data binding component with Xuni CollectionView. CollectionView provides
currency, filtering, grouping and sorting services for your data collection. You can use the
control with the standard ListView or FlexGrid. It's based off the .NET implementation
so it's familiar for most developers.

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Manipulate Your Data with Filtering, Grouping, and Sorting

  • Xuni CollectionView class provides data manipulation in the form of sorting, filtering, and grouping.
  • Xuni CollectionView also supports the concept of currency, which keeps track of the current selected item in the data set.
  • The object model is based off the ICollectionView interface in .NET so it’s a familiar object model for most developers.

Incremental Loading: Load Data On Demand

  • Optimize performance by loading subsets of your data as the user scrolls to the end of the list.
  • The XuniCursorCollectionView provides on-demand loading for the standard ListView or TableView control.


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