Xuni Input

A collection of specialized editors for iOS, Android, and Xamarin

Xuni Input fills the gap and provides desktop-inspired input controls for mobile apps.
  • Combine critical text editing with the efficient power of drop-down selection in one with Xuni AutoComplete and ComboBox.
  • Provide smarter input for phone numbers and postal codes with Xuni Masked Text.
  • Create your own custom drop-down with ease using Xuni DropDown.
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Search and Select with AutoComplete

Give the power of search and selection to the user with a cross-platform AutoComplete control.

  • View completion suggestions in a drop-down list while while the user types in the editable text view.
  • Make it your own with custom delay, drop-down formatting, and text match highlighting.
  • Provide a filtered data source dynamically for larger data sets.

Capture Properly Formatted Text with a Mask

With the Xuni Masked Input controls, you can provide instant, code-free formatting on user input using the Mask property.

  • Choose whether or not to show prompt characters and literals by simply setting one property.
  • The prompt character indicates to the user that text can be entered (such as _ or *).

Provide Drop-down Selection with ComboBox and DropDown

With Xuni ComboBox you can display a list of items in a drop-down, or create your own custom editor with Xuni DropDown.

  • Allow the user to edit the text in ComboBox.
  • Put any view inside the DropDown’s drop-down part of the control.
  • Drop-downs are mobile-friendly and display in the optimal direction to avoid going off-screen.

Handle Boolean Values with the Classic, Cross-platform CheckBox

Xuni CheckBox provides a cross-platform implementation of the classic checkbox control and fills the gap in iOS and Xamarin.Forms.

  • Visualize and provide input for Boolean values.
  • Allow users to select and clear the control by tapping.
  • Customize the checkbox’s colors.

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