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Support FAQs

How do I get started using Xuni?

Visit our Resources page for access to documentation, videos, samples, and more helpful resources. You’ll find getting started guides in the documentation and videos that walk you through the process.

How do I generate a run-time license for my app?

Xuni contains run-time licensing, which means the library requires a unique key to be validated at runtime. See Licensing Your App to generate a license for your app.

I have a question, bug or feature request. Where should I go?

We encourage all users to post questions, requests and bugs on our Community Forums as it helps other users find answers to the same questions. We are pretty quick at replying to forum posts, but if you need a faster response, or more private channel, you can submit a question, bug, or feature request through Submit a Ticket. If you have a feature request, or would like to provide feedback on other requests, you may also submit it on our User Voice Feedback page. Feature requests you post on the forums or through support may be posted to user voice by us on your behalf.

How can I get an account to access the forums?

To register for an account, go to My Account. Once registered, you can create a new topic.

What is included with Platinum Support?

Platinum Support includes phone support and 24-hour response (excluding weekends and observed US holidays) to escalations through Submit a Ticket. See Support Plans for details.

Will support guarantee me upgrades?

Any new Xuni license purchase includes free version upgrades for the duration of your 1-year subscription. This is the same with or without Platinum Support.

How long will support last?

Support and Platinum Support lasts for the duration of your 1-year subscription.