Go Native. Go Xuni.

Give your users a native experience across mobile platforms with Xuni. Whether you
need a chart for Android, a gauge for Xamarin.Forms, or a datagrid in iOS, our
controls help you create enterprise-level apps for all devices using the same
API across each platform.


What is Xuni?

Xuni is a collection of native, cross-platform mobile controls. Employ the same API across iOS, Android, and the Xamarin Platform using native programming techniques. With Xuni, you get high-quality controls targeted toward enterprise-level app development that deliver the same experience across all platforms.

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Cross-Platform Support

Xamarin Platform

  • Write once in C# using Xamarin.Forms to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Go deeper into native development using Xuni in your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps
  • Develop in either Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio; Xuni is supported in both


  • Add Xuni to your universal iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad
  • Write your apps with Objective C or Swift in Xcode for iOS 7 and higher


    • Create native Android apps in Java using Xuni with the IDE of your choice – Eclipse or Android Studio


Included Controls